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Managing the cost of chronic illness with the Chronic Care Rider.

Plan for chronic illness and find peace of mind by enhancing your life insurance policy.

If you or a member of your family has ever had to care for a loved one with a chronic illness, you understand the toll it can take physically, emotionally, and financially. For many people, planning ahead for an extended care has become more of a necessity than ever. Here’s where the Chronic Care Rider can enhance your whole life insurance policy and help you and the people you love find peace of mind.

Flexible and low-cost, the Chronic Care Rider offers you protection in two ways:

  1. It helps you manage the expense of chronic illness along with the security of a permanent life insurance policy. All by simply by offering a tax-free acceleration of a portion of your Whole Life policy’s death benefit in the event the insured becomes permanently chronically ill.
  2. By adding the rider to your policy, you are protected in the event you do need the benefit. And if you don’t need it, you still have the death benefit protection or the ability to use your cash value to supplement retirement expenses as your life insurance needs decrease. Of course, accessing your cash value via policy loans reduces cash value and death benefit and accrues interest.

And, because you don’t have to submit receipts or a plan of care for reimbursement, the Chronic Care Rider gives you the power to use benefits however you like. Benefits can be used at your discretion alone. Better still, Chronic Care Rider premiums will never increase. Just like the premiums on your base policy, the premiums are guaranteed to be level.

Chronic disease and long-term care: Learn the facts.

Remember, if you or someone you love is managing an illness that requires extended care, you’re not alone. Consider these facts:

  • According to U.S. News & World Report, approximately 70% of Americans over age 65 will become cognitively impaired or unable to complete dressing, bathing, or eating over their lifetimes.1
  • Some 9.1 million Americans are expected to have dementia by 2040. The cost of their care is expected to double in 30 years with 75% to 84% of the costs involving long-term care, reports The New York Times.2
  • The average need for long-term care is 3.7 years for women, and 2.2 years for men, according to Barron’s.3
  • About 70% of adults incorrectly believe that Medicare will cover the cost of long-term care events, says Consumer Reports.4
  • A one-year stay in a private room in a nursing home averages approximately $90,000.5 You can see the cost of long-term care services in your major metropolitan area by using our cost-of-care calculator.

Even if you’re young and healthy—with a strong support system and enough money set aside—you can never be sure what the future may hold Wouldn’t it be smart to have a little additional peace of mind?

So what’s next?

Contact an agent. If you already have an agent, he or she can show you how to enrich your whole life or custom whole life policy by adding the Chronic Care rider. And if you don’t have an agent, we’ll help you find one in your community. Simply use the “Consult an Agent” form on the page, and an Agent in your area will contact you. Or click here to learn all the ways we can work together.

The Chronic Care rider—it’s protection, times two.

In Oregon, New York Life Whole Life Insurance policy form number is ICC12213-50. The form number for the Chronic Care Rider is ICC13-231-72.

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