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Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance with a lot of bang for the buck

Protect your family or business no matter what lies ahead with New York Life Whole Life insurance, a permanent policy that remains in effect from the day you purchase it until you die, as long as premiums are paid.

The policy’s death benefit can be used for:

  • Survivor needs
  • Mortgage protection
  • Wealth transfer
  • Charitable giving
  • Business needs

The cash value that accumulates in whole life policies can also be accessed during your lifetime through a policy loan and used for:

  • Supplementing retirement income, as your need for life insurance decreases
  • College tuition expenses
  • A down payment on a home
  • Emergency and other needs
  • Please note that loans against your policy accrue interest at the current variable loan interest rate and decrease the death benefit and cash value by the amount of the outstanding loan and loan interest.

    We know your financial goals are unique. With that in mind, we don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all whole life policy. We offer:

  • Standard whole life provides death protection benefits, accumulates cash value and offers the potential for the policy to earn dividends.
  • Custom Whole Life insurance offers the same basic insurance/death protection as whole life, while also allowing you to select how long you pay premiums (within limitation). It is designed to build the cash value more quickly which can be accessed once the policy is paid up.
  • If you’d like to discuss your life insurance needs with a local New York Life agent, click talk to us and we’ll help find one near you.